Champions Hockey League

Capturing the electrifying energy of elite ice hockey

The Champions Hockey League (CHL) is European ice hockey's premium club competition where the winners from the continent’s top leagues face-off against one another. In anticipation of their 10th season, the CHL approached TwelfthMan to refresh their visual identity and build a brand that would offer more variety, expression and fan engagement.

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Creative strategy

Through a series of workshops with the CHL team, we identified characteristics that make the spectacle of elite-level ice hockey unique. The sensory overload inside the arenas, the frenetic energy of the fans and the intensity of the players on the ice helped us to define our creative strategy. Feel the hits, make the noise, live the intensity - this is sport, Hypercharged.

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An expressive palette

The CHL colour palette was designed for flexibility, variety and expression. The palette offers the opportunity for surprising and energetic combinations as well as colour pairings that work well for more premium touchpoints.

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Typography inspired by the game

We developed a bespoke headline typeface, CHL Hypercharged, drawing inspiration from the dynamism of the game of ice hockey.  The new typeface inspired a series of expressive type patterns that became an additional graphic asset for the brand.

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The Hypercharged arena

We designed a graphic language that would allow for endless possibilities and expressions. The familiar hexagonal geometry of the CHL badge is transformed into a conceptual space, an abstract arena that immerses the viewer in the action. Close crops of the arena result in a suite of energetic and impactful graphic patterns.

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Elevating CHL finals

The CHL Final is the flagship event of every CHL season. We created an energetic trophy mark, inspired by the modular structure of the Hypercharged Arena, which formed the basis for a suite of Final lockups. In addition, a final type pattern offers an additional option for expression for the CHL team in communications for the final.

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