UEFA Champions League

Football in a hyper-connected world

UEFA commissioned us to build on the success of the Ultimate Stage concept and create a new evolution of the UEFA Champions League brand identity. We developed a new logotype and font and designed a package of key artwork with an emphasis on digital and social media. The project encompassed print, screen and experiential applications, with tailored packages for broadcasters, sponsors, licensees and social media teams.

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Updating a classic

Retaining the classical theme of the logo, we developed a new logotype, with wedge serifs inspired by the UCL starball. The typographic weight and proportions were optimised for digital and social applications.

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Champions Display

We expanded the UCL font family, introducing a bold new weight: Champions Display is built for short, concise storytelling with vertical, social formats in mind.

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The broadcast toolkit brings the Champions League stadium and starball to life as never before. The package caters to the diverse requirements of 180+ multi-platform broadcasters worldwide.

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The identity includes a dedicated design style for social channels: differentiating core brand applications from conversational social output; enabling audiences to personalise, connect and share.

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Licensing opportunity

The Champions League brand is a badge of honour, worn with pride by millions of fans around the world. Our licensing themes range from premium to accessible, giving fans ever greater opportunities to engage with the brand.

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