TwelfthMan created the name and visual identity for this exciting new football experience. The latest in “socialtainment”, Metrix mixes real and digital worlds. Players’ skills are put to the test in real-life football challenges, then their scores are ranked digitally across city, national or even international competitions. In this way, local, national and eventually global communities of players will be formed.

Metrix is more than a game; it is an evening out with friends, a space to unwind and the place to be, where the experience counts for everything. The brand engages with audiences from both the physical and digital worlds of football, bringing them together into one seamless, futuristic experience.

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Brand identity

TwelfthMan created both the name and the brand identity for this immersive football experience. Metrix is a network, a code, a system. It is a futuristic environment where players’ scores are analysed, shared and compared across the world. Play for real, but measure yourself on the Metrix to discover how good you really are.

Sponsor integration was integral to the brand. The concept will have an official UEFA Champions League license, so the identity had to be compatible with its world-famous brand as well as household brands from its commercial family.

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Spacial & game design

TwelfthMan consulted on game play, the physical and digital user journey and produced an initial merchandising range.

The game is a test of control and technique played out in a multi-sensory, immersive environment. Every kick is tracked and logged. The latest tech enhances the physical sport. This is socially competitive. It’s a local scene plugged into a global network. It’s the new place to play.

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Metrix’s mission is to be sport’s most innovative and popular social entertainment experience, and as a proof of concept, we helped create a six-month pop-up in Westfield London. It became a hugely successful opportunity to test the user journey, gameplay and gain valuable feedback on the overall experience before rolling out the real thing. The first of many Metrix venues is due to launch late 2024 – so watch this space.

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