Hospitality at The Open

TwelfthMan were asked to create the theme for The Open’s hospitality brand, and develop a range of hospitality experiences that would help the world’s original golf Major build a deeper relationship with its customers. 

Entitled Origins at The Open, the rebrand celebrates the craftspeople and experts who have helped create and continue to shape this most iconic of golf Majors. Adding a new dimension to The Open brand, we developed hospitality themes and identities that deliver personality and take a fresh, engaging and unexpected view of the famous championship.

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Celebrating the history makers

The six new levels of hospitality showcase the skills of Engravers, Caddies, Clubmakers, Greenkeepers, Scorers and Champions. Their roles are central to the heritage and rich tradition of The Open, but their stories have often gone untold. Our new brand celebrates these heroes, with each unique experience inspired by the characteristics of their individual crafts.

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Delivering world-class hospitality experiences

Origins showcases these stories throughout the whole customer journey, with TwelfthMan developing the visual brand identity as well as interior and spatial design. Each environment was inspired by the physical materials used in each craft, as well as an over-arching theme of British heritage from which our distinctive colour approach has been created.

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Telling untold stories

For each level in Origins we created a strong and inspiring narrative. From here we brought the concepts to life through physical installations and curated spaces to historic memorabilia, brand films and digital activations. 

The rich vein of stories behind The Open, and each venue where it is played, mean the experiences are continually refreshed and developed each year, making for a living brand which develops as history is also being made on the course.

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